LitePanel Kit 77x77 inches: Our largest solution for diffusing direct sunlight! Delivers dramatic results for portraits, bridal, video, film and any other outdoor sun drenched situation.


LitePanel 77 x 77 inch Aluminum FrameLP-BA7777FR

LitePanel Accessory - Crossbar 77”LP-BA77CB

LitePanel Fabric Translucent 77 x 77 inchLP-7777WT

LitePanel Accessory - Carry BagLP-1603BAG 

LitePanel® HardwareLP-SWVLHRDWR

Dimensions:2.3” / 6cm x 2.3” / 6cm x 1.6”


LiteStand: extra largeLS-B2320Y

Dimensions:12 feet

Weight:6 lbs.

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