Phase One IQ250

50 megapixel CMOS Sensor

Amazing ISO Sensitivity (ISO 100 - 6400)

Extreme 14 f-stops dynamic range

Built in wireless technology

1.15 megapixel resolution 3.2” display with vibrant colors

Touch screen functionality with fluid and responsive live view 

Shutter speed from 1/4000s to 60 minutes, extremely high flash synchronization up to 1/1600 second to stop action with fast shutter speed or flash.

The mirror and viewfinder of the Phase One 645DF+ camera is almost three times larger than those of 35mm cameras, providing much greater control of focus and composition.

While hosting a complete list of features and custom functions, the Phase One 645DF+ camera is extremely easy to use. All settings important to the exposure are easily controlled by manual dials and soft buttons.


Camera type

Modular 645 Auto Focus SLR body.


Phase One Digital focal plane lenses, Schneider Kreuznach leaf shutter lenses and Mamiya 645 AFD lenses. Compatible with Hasselblad V lenses.


Open platform back mount

Auto focus

TTL phase-difference Auto Focus. Focus confirmation in manual mode. AF assists for unfailing focus.
Auto focus lock for swift AF/ M shift.


Build-in focal plane shutter, support for in-lens leaf shutter.
1/4000s to 60 minutes.
Up to 2 fps.

Shutter speed bracketing.


Focal plane shutter: Up to 1/125s.
Leaf shutter lenses: Up to 1/1600s’. 1st and 2nd curtain flash synchronization.
X sync terminal and support for TTL flash.

Light metering

TTL metering (average, spot and auto). Programmable AEL button.
Exposure compensation: +/- 5EV.


Electronically-activated by switch on grip.


Fixed prism viewfinder.
Exchangeable diopter from -5 to +3. LCD panel with full exposure information.

Focusing screen

Interchangeable focus screens.
Laser engraved mask for digital back. Matte, Grid, Checker, Microprism.


Self-timer from 2 to 60 sec.


Screw-in cable release on release button. Terminal for electronic triggering devices. Controlable from iPhone/iPad via digital back and Capture Pilot.

Stop down preview

Stop down button on front of camera.

Tripod socket

1/4 inch and 3/8 inch included.

Power requirements

Rechargeable 7.4V Li-Ion Battery or 6 standard AA batteries (standard or rechargeable). External battery pack
External AC adapter.

User configuration

3 Custom dial modes for capture settings. 19 custom functions.
Customizable dials and buttons.


W, H, D // 6, 5, 7.2” // 153, 128, 184mm.


35 oz. / 1030g. w/o batteries


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